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While places like San Francisco continued to thrive after the Gold Rush, others saw the dream turn to dust. Even during their heyday, these places were far removed from the Rawhide romanticism that has hooked generations of schoolkids. But I can go to the same ghost town 10 times, and I still feel something. It might be that, in these decaying old buildings, I can still feel something like hope. Few ghost towns have thrown up legends like Bodie.

If you came to the town in its 19th-century prime, you were warned about the Bad Man from Bodie, a catch-all term for the ruffians who started brawls and gunfights in the 65 saloons that lined Main Street. Today, you have to beware the Curse of Bodie, which bestows bad luck on anyone who takes anything from the state historic park. The sense of lives interrupted is palpable. With some , visitors a year, Bodie is the king of American ghost towns—but it also did pretty well as a real town.

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By the s, Bodie had as many as 10, residents, and the scores of restaurants in town would serve oysters and champagne. As more saloons opened and more men came in search of a fast buck, the Bad Man from Bodie became a very real risk. But then, in the early s, miners began moving to even bigger, more prosperous towns.

By , the population had dropped to ; in , The Bodie Miner newspaper printed its last issue, and in , a fire ravaged the town. Jones gives me a tour of the old mine, the Miners Union hall now a museum gift shop and the Swasey Hotel, a tilted structure that looks like it might collapse with a prod. Finally, we stop at the modest grave of Waterman S.

Bodey, a man from the East Coast who—after a decade of searching—finally found gold in these hills in , only to die in a blizzard later that year. The gritty one Nelson, Nevada. The drive to Nelson is spectacular, with the little settlement appearing over the brow of a hill, the mountains of Arizona shimmering in the background. The town, centered around a mine that opened in , is a curious visual cocktail. The 20 or so wooden buildings are right out of the Old West, but midcentury oil signs litter the streets, along with photogenically weathered vintage cars.

A trained carpenter from Vegas, he bought the land 23 years ago as an unusual retirement project. There were only four buildings here at the time, but Werly enlisted his wife, brother and five children to help bring the old mining structures scattered around the canyon back to the main settlement. Nine of the family live here now, and three Werlys are buried on the land. The reception building is packed to the rafters with bric-a-brac, ranging from taxidermied animal heads to, bizarrely, a room full of life-sized aliens.

The men who worked the mines were largely Civil War deserters, who nonetheless had no qualms about fighting among themselves.

Ghost Story of the Haunted Abandoned Factory

With rich veins of gold, silver, copper and lead, and access to the nearby Colorado River, Nelson became one of the most lucrative mining towns in Nevada. But it was also a tough, lawless place, where murders were a common occurrence. What really killed the town was a railroad, built in the early 20th century across Southern Nevada, which rendered the river steamboats obsolete.

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Today it's a spookily eerie place to behold but there are plans afoot to revive the building by a non-profit organization. These sections of the tunnel are hidden deep beneath the city are reminiscent of scenes from the James Cameron classic, Aliens. Many of these tunnels are often flooded and are so rarely maintained that stalactites have started to grow from the tunnel ceilings. It seems Russian Communists have a penchant for building imposing and scary underground facilities.

Decommissioned after the fall of the Soviet Union this was once a top-secret facility near Balaklava. It was specifically designed to be able to withstand and nuclear strike and is deep underground. The structure was touted as virtually indestructible with its labyrinth of corridors and docks crowned with a shell of concrete and steel that was designed to resist a kiloton blast. It was converted into a naval museum in recent times but has since closed because of the recent geopolitical issues in Crimea. The facility is currently disputed between the Ukraine and Russia. When the railway finally reached the city in the 's construction work began with the first station opening in The line later became incorporated into the Transcaucasian Railway with the current facility built in the mid's.

Built in the Stalinist architectural style, the building is both beautiful and foreboding in equal measures.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Today much of the building has been partially reclaimed by nature making for an interesting and creepy experience. It was originally built at the beginning of the 20th Century to treat tuberculosis with the entire facility comprising around 60 buildings. It was commandeered as a military hospital during the World Wars and was also used for Nazi experiments during WW2.

During the final days of the war, the facility was captured by Soviet forces and became their biggest military treatment center outside of Russia until Small parts of it are still in use for neurological research and treatment but most are left derelict. SS America had a distinguished service life of 54 years before ending up wrecked on the Playa de Garcey in the Canary Islands.

Her named changed throughout that time with her final name at the time of wreckage the SS America Star. At the time, she was under tow to be refitted as a floating hotel in Thailand when a large storm broke the tow lines leaving her adrift. She can still be seen beached and wrecked but has largely broken up since A large part of her bow still remains visible at low tide and serves as a stark reminder of the power of the sea.

So many dead motorcycles. A senseless waste!

Stunningly beautiful in its decrepitude it is both enticing and creepy at the same time. This event isolated it from the sea, increasing local humidity rendering the mill impractical.

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  • One German entrepreneur, Christoph Rossner , has plans to grow medicinal cannabis in a forgotten nuclear bunker on a partially abandoned air base. The recent legalization of Cannabis in Germany will turn a once creepy abandoned nuclear bunker into something the architects could never have ever imagined.

    The former 5 0 meters long by meter high bunker was once an integral part of the defenses of the Memmingen Military Base between and The facility's existing high-security requirements are ideal for the strict regulations required by the Bavarian Government for its indented use and so its future plans might just be a win-win depending on your views on the drug, of course. The underground cemetery was built in the last 18th Century and was used by the French Resistance as their HQ during the second world war.

    The catacombs form a literal labyrinth beneath the heart of the city was created in the galleries of former quarries used to build the city. The dead who now adorn the walls of the ossuary was gradually transferred there as graveyards were being closed for public health reasons. The museum is built inside an old abandoned German bunker that formed part of the wall defenses along the west coast of Denmark.

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    The museum has 2, m2 of exhibition space that features four exhibitions including a large amber collection, exhibitions on the bunker itself, a history museum and a special exhibitions gallery. Description: The cooling tower to an abandoned power station in the town of Charleroi, Belgium still dominates the skyline but no longer bellows out steam.

    The power plant was originally built in and was, at the time, one of the largest coal-burning power plants in Belgium. At its height, the cooling tower was able to cool This led to protests from Greenpeace in ultimately leading to its closure in Description: A few years ago if you'd found yourself in Ardley Cove in Antartica you wouldn't have been able to fail to notice an odd shape just under the sea surface. The yacht and her Brazilian film crew were filming a documentary when the vessel was hit by strong winds and got stuck in the ice.

    The crew abandoned the ship leaving the Mar Sem Fim to its fate. All four filmmakers onboard were eventually rescued by the Chilean Navy. All crew was unharmed.

    33 Most Haunted Places in the World That Are Beautifully Scary

    The winds engulfed the ship in seawater that duly froze, cracking its hull and leaving it wrecked. Her remains were salvaged in and towed to shore. Post-war, with the immediate threat from Axis forces removed, the forts were decommissioned and left to their fate. Although they are collectively called Maunsell Forts they actually comprise of two distinct designs.

    The forts closest to the mainland were army forts pictured below.