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Long overdue, or a step too far?

Astronomers peering at the most distant parts of the Universe have found the earliest known cluster of galaxies, formed only million years after the Universe first exploded from the Big Bang, In astronomy, distant objects appear red, due to shifts in their light during the expansion of the Universe. The amount of this red-shift allows astronomers to determine how far away these objects are, and from that work out how long their light has been traveling through space before reaching us.

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In this case, the galaxy cluster is By observing it, scientists are therefore peering back Recommended Massive galaxy cluster found Space. The cluster, which bears the arcane name z66OD, contains 12 galaxies, one of which is a giant known as Himiko, which was discovered a decade ago and named for a mythological queen in ancient Japan.

However, he says, mythological queen Himiko was also said to have lived clustered away from her people, an unexpected similarity to the galaxy named for her. Our finding means that the ancestor of such a pivot already existed 0.

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The blue shading shows the calculated extent of the protocluster, and the bluer color indicates higher density of galaxies in the protocluster. The red objects in zoom-in figures are the 12 galaxies found in it. This figure shows a square field-of-view 24 arcminutes along each side corresponding to million light-years along each side at a distance of Each zoom-in figure is 16 arcseconds along each side corresponding to 2.

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What are "disagrees"?

Moreover, any exception to obtaining a court order should be precisely worded. The BSA recommends that the "urgency" exception for incidents with a "critical level of impact" Section 59, Paragraph 3 should be clearly limited to situations where there is a probable cause of harm to national security. In this regard, where the urgency exception applies, the legal system should provide a corresponding document such as a warrant or a "temporary emergency document" that would define the requirements of the provision or seizure of information.

The BSA also suggested that the right to appeal an authoritative instruction should be extended to all cyber-attacks, regardless of level of impact. All compelled actions and information provisions including seizures should be obtained under an instrument of the law to ensure that there is a record of the event and an explanation of its scope, purpose, context and timescale.

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A corresponding right to appeal should be provided in all cases. In this regard, any exceptions, including the urgency exception, should be well-defined and narrow.

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Providing the right to appeal only to cyber-attacks with a "general level of impact" Section 60 is disproportionate and does not provide sufficient levels of due process safeguards. Without adequate due process safeguards and avenues for appeals, requests for information can amount to an invasion of privacy that would undermine consumer trust, as businesses cannot guarantee that personal data or confidential information will be protected from unauthorised access. Likewise, other compelled actions, such as requiring the monitoring of computer systems or deactivating functioning computers, could be overly prescriptive and onerous for businesses or technically infeasible.

Providing an avenue for appeal in such situations is thus essential.

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  5. Furthermore, imposition of such requirements without due process would result in a conflict of laws with other countries' regulatory regimes and create significant compliance challenges for international companies. The group reiterated that an independent body be given the authority to monitor the NCSC's exercise of its powers to access private agency information, in order to ensure that privacy interests are adequately balanced with the need for surveillance.

    Allowing operators to combat evolving cyberthreats with evolving best practices and standards permits a more flexible, current and risk-based approach to cybersecurity. This will also help realise economies of scale and promote readiness. Nakrob Niamgamtham, founder of nForce Secure Co, a cybersecurity distributor, said the act will stimulate demand to train a cybersecurity workforce in mission-critical events, which will benefit a country currently suffering from a shortage of cybersecurity experts.

    Mr Nakrob said an uptick in security spending might spur double-digit growth, and the trend will shift to security provisioning to all fragmented IT systems to enable organisations to manage and control security policy from end-users' computers through to data centres and cloud providers. Kuala Lumpur: Ratchanok Intanon bears "no fault" despite testing positive for doping, world badminton governing body said on Thursday, clearing the path for the Thai star to compete in the Olympics after another close brush with a possible suspension. The Department of Special Investigation conducted an aerial inspection to search for more clues related to the murder of Karen rights activist Porlajee "Billy". The Network for the Abolition of the Death Penalty urged Thailand to make progress towards abolishing the death penalty.

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    Other Services. Long overdue, or a step too far? The Cybersecurity Act aims to tackle a growing menace, but experts say it lacks oversight.

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