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Experience Experience: I went jogging and lost my leg. Published: 5 Jul The fitness fans getting sweaty at Glastonbury — despite the lack of showers. For many, a trip to Worthy Farm is all about hedonistic excess.

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Published: 30 Jun Fit in my 40s Fit in my 40s: keep on running — and help the planet and people , too. With Good Gym you could help at a community garden, say, or visit an older person while you work out. Published: 29 Jun Bacteria found in gut might help boost physical performance.

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Scientists say certain species are more abundant in marathon runners after race. Published: 24 Jun Five ways Five ways to improve your 5km run time. Published: 23 Jun Berating Nike for plus-size mannequins is no war on obesity — it's just war on bigger bodies Nikki Stamp.

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Half marathon Our 12 week half marathon training plans will get you ready for the start line whether you're a beginner or advanced runner. Marathon Running a marathon is a great achievement. Start your journey with one of our training plans.

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A guide to starting running Running is a great form of exercise. Visit the Bupa health blog. Bishop and his colleagues are willing to concede that higher-intensity exercise will give you a greater mitochondrial response per minute of exercise. To Gibala, this is a crucial point: in a time-pressed world, getting more fitness per minute spent working out is important to enable more people to meet their fitness goals.

But to Bishop, efficiency and effectiveness are two different things.

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In the context of competitive sports, the contest is to see who is fastest, not who spent the least amount of time training. The race was won by Bob Schul, who trained pretty much exclusively with twice-a-day interval workouts. The runner-up was Harald Norpoth, who relied on well over miles a week of long, slow distance. Bronze went to Bill Dellinger, who later coached at the University of Oregon and did a mix of intervals and longer, slower runs.

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Exactly one second separated the three men. As a bonus, also in the race was Ron Clarke, who did mostly medium-paced runs that we would now call threshold training.

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