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Results will come keep at ait. Hey there GMoney! Grab a chair and sit a while with a coffee and chill chill. There now. Here there are only discards. Never losses. Loss indicates we need to re-find!!! That of course is other than carb fixes. Well if he isnt.

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So for whatever reasons or excuses — scales are important for some. Personally, I began this new WoE to lower blood sugars. Re the hunger. Maybe a heavier protein hit and some good fat is required for the first food intake. After all we are asking body to change to burning fat nor carb for fuel to keep going.

How to begin intermittent fasting

Plus I found supported by my endocrinologist — to eat when Im hungry. That leaves anything up to a 20 hour fast in between. Though please leave that just aside for now. How I came to this conclusion. I guess Im doing my best to outline a scenario. I was not unlike what youve described. BSD is an outline of basics.

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Until then. Welcome aboard and. After much soul and Internet searching this is what I have discovered. The idea behind both is that if you restrict yourself to a low calorie low carb diet then the body has to use its stores of fat to function and fuel itself.

1. Identify personal goals

For me, and possibly many of you who are having the same problem and are really discouraged, sticking to the calorie diet almost religiously for me apart from 2 lapses and completely eliminating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar and processed foods from my diet was not enough. Getting the balance of each of these elements right for your particular metabolism seems to be the key.

For me also I seem to have a good loss then plateau again for days. You can go to the chemist and buy a bottle of keto sticks to find out whether you are in ketosis.

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Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully or you might get a false reading. Basically you wee on a stick then after a certain period of time the end will change colour and you match it to the colours on the pack to see what stage you are at. If you are not one of the lucky ones who has seen the weight melt off without too much difficulty then it might be worth eating the recipes as per the menu plan in the book to see if that makes a difference. So I think I have worked out the problem but it will be up to each of us to find the combination that makes it work for us.

Read your post with interest and hasten to add a comment re the touted weight losses. When one states an average. Add the tall the short — ages, into the mix, and the starting weight differences — they are all consideration factors — both in individual losses and collective. Given the printed average.

Because that says something is changing and when the WoE is the only thing different. Thank you for sharing from your perspective. Quack Quack.

The Secret to Losing the Amount of Weight You Want

Thanks again both of you. Hi WoodDuckie — apologies for not replying to your earlier posts. Have been off the site and flat out with just trying to keep up with life not succeeding and this diet somewhat succeeding. Yes Monday the 25th is good for me.

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  • Can we make it Hi GMoney, I was one of the fortunate ones who lost a lot of weight at the start. But that was simply because one of the side effects of eating a high carb diet long term can be that your body stores extra water, when you drop carb levels low your body will release that stored water. It may simply be that you have not reduced the daily levels of carbs enough. Some people find that they have to be down to 20g of carbs a day, while others can loose weight at 50g a day.

    Once you get rid of the water storage problems caused by carbs and the weight loss is coming from your body using your fat you need to remember that 1lb of fat consists of calories. Additionally our body does not use all the fat from a single fat cell at a time.

    It takes a little fat from a range of cells, replacing that fat with water, once all the fat from the cells has been used the body releases the stored water. Search for whoosh effect. The scales are not a reliable way of measuring progress. I posted a couple of links on the positives thread a few days ago on this topic that you may find helpful in response to a post from Duckie reporting her results.

    Basically insulin controls not just fat storage, but also puts the brakes on other systems such as growth hormones which control bone density and muscle strength.

    Ways to Lose Weight: 40 Fast, Easy Tips | The Healthy

    So as you get your Insulin under control other parts of your body will heal increasing body weight but in a healthy way. A more reliable method is to buy one of the cheap breathalysers from Amazon. By the way, to add to my previous post people may find this research paper on measuring fat burning by breath testing for ketosis interesting. Thank you to all of you who have given an honest reveal about your own weight loss when it is not super fast.

    I have found it most reassuring after stepping on the scales for the second day and my weight loss has stalled. I started on the 7th January on the Fast Diet and have lost 6. I do not cheat, measure, count etc and exercise, drink plenty of water etc etc I stick religiously to the diet and am bewildered by the recent stalling.

    How to lose weight fast and shed 10lbs in one week in 6 steps – WITHOUT ditching carbs

    Have hovered at this weight for a week moving up by grams but staying around this. I am 58 years old, active but am on HRT. Would appreciate any tweaks you all could collectively recommend. In my reading of this wonderfully honest thread I have realised I may need to lower my carbs based on other comments and will try that.

    Keen to hear your own experience and any suggestions. I confess I was seduced by the possibility of losing dramatic amounts in a short time period but realise that may not be my journey. So yes this is significant progress. BUT how do I get out of a plateau. I now have no idea how much weight has been discarded — not lost — discarded! I believe it is all to do with metabolism, how the body accepts switching from carb to fat for fuel. There is no judgement or punishment here. I know we can speak of gold, lead, feathers, all being vastly differing quantities of the same amount.

    I suggest checking the carb content of everything you have in your pantry and fridge. Im sure there are the odd variances of maybe either way or either way — like an extra coffee and the cream in my sauteed mushrooms, bacon and shallots for brunch yesterday. The day before I ate one meal. If I was logging it all. There used to be an email floating around years ago. Another cuppa. Hello and congratulations on your results! Late in catching up with so many posts, I was so enjoying yours until you wrote about going back.

    Im sure someone will be better advising than me on that aspect. Quack Quack! Hi Tea Cosy, First to reassure you, Each litre of water weighs 1kg. So if you are following the recommendation to drink at least 2 litres of water a day your weight will fluctuate by upto 2 kg 4. I would suggest you search for posts on the Whoosh effect to understand why our weight loss occurs in steps. I have also recently posted links to articles on a number of threads on the topic explaining why the scales are not the best way to judge success.

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    Yesterday I posted on different threads to research on the benefits of using a cheap breathalyser to monitor if you are in ketosis, which is when your body has switched over to using fat as a fuel source instead of carbs. Please log in or register to post a reply. Home Blood Sugar Diet Who should do it?