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Use your imaginations and write a story together. Another great idea is to write chain stories with friends. Each person writes a paragraph and then shows the final line only to the next writer. For more inspiration take a look at story starters , which provide lots of creative writing prompts for children. This is one of the best things to do with kids to tire them out before bedtime. Indoor play centres are becoming more and more popular.

Activities include bouncing on trampolines, go up foam staircases and then coming down slides, climbing rigging and jumping into ball pits. This is one of the best things to do with kids to tire them out so you get an afternoon of peace and quiet. For your nearest soft play centre, search at Ideas for the Kids. Age: You might need to help them with some ideas princess trapped in a castle; stranded on a desert island are two.

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Come up with a list of odd and fun items for your kids to find. They can hunt around the house or your garden. Suggested items can be: a cancelled stamp, a straw, a rubber band, a penny dated in a particular decade before the kids were born, or perhaps have them find one in the year the birthday child was born , a toothpick. If you live in the country, or go to a park, some suggestions are a pine cone, a worm, a bug, a white rock, something red, a feather. Teach your kids how people used to tell the time before clocks and watches were invented.

All you need is a compass to find out where north is and then put a stick in the ground and watch the shadow change position as the sun moves. Gardening is one of our favourite things to do with kids. There are lots of plants that even a young child can grow without too much trouble, from small trees to herbs and vegetables.

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Most local leisure centres have loads of opportunities to learn new sports, from martial arts to badminton, football to trampolining, swimming to tennis. Cycling is another great activity for youngsters. Just after it rains is the best time to hunt for worms. Make holes in the top so they can breathe. Get some modelling clay, a plastic knife and mould away. You can even buy self-hardening clay if you want them to become permanent. Best of all, if they find some they like, it costs nothing to take them out! Cracking out the games box is one of the best things to do with kids and gets the whole family involved.

Beware of arguments, though, when either you or your daughter start losing?! Introduce your children to animals by taking them to a farm. Even if you live in a city, there are lots of city farms around the country, and many of them cost peanuts to get into. Find your nearest free farm. DVDs may be easier to get your hands on, but nothing beats the thrill of a trip to the local cinema. You can find crabs and barnacles in rock pools, lots of shells and amazing coloured pebbles. Castles are magical places and capture the imagination of most boys and girls, who love crossing moats, running up and down spiral staircases and looking at cannons.

Find the best value castles to visit. Try these brilliant free museums in the UK. Most kids love visiting gran and granddad and this time, why not get your son or daughter to ask them what it was like when they were kids. What did they do to pass the time? What were their favourite toys?

Golic sounds off on Packers Clay Matthews penalty - Golic & Wingo - ESPN

Did they watch TV? OK, so this means a bit of work on your behalf, but why not write some clues and then hide some treats around your house and garden for your children to find. Get your fancy shoes on and try and score a strike. There are loads of bowling alleys all round the country and, if your young ones find it a little too tough, they can put bumpers down the gutters to make it easier. Find your nearest bowling alley. You draw the squares on a large sheet of paper and see how easy they find it to draw the local neighbourhood. Not as easy as it sounds.

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If you have a games console, then something like SingStar is fantastic. Alternatively, karaoke CDs cost very little from music stores. Make sure you sing along to some of the songs as well. How much do your kids know about their family? Not only is drawing family trees fun, but it also one of our favourite things to do with kids to teach them a bit about history. You may unearth some really interesting stories about your own family that you never knew. By Brian Carriveau. Good thing for the Green Bay Packers that Clay Matthews is off to a good, albeit not great, start to the season.

He's the only player on the team with more than one sack, accounting for two so far this season, 16 tackles and two forced fumbles. The bad news is that Matthews suffered a hamstring pull in the Packers' last game against the Cincinnati Bengals, missing the entire second half, and still hasn't returned.

Matthews did not participate in Monday's practice despite having a week off for the team's bye. Perhaps the Packers are just playing it safe with Matthews. After all, this is a player who missed four games with a hamstring injury last season and has been saddled with hamstring issues to one extent or another every season since his rookie year.

The prospect of the Packers having to go into a game minus Matthews is a scary prospect, especially considering they've gotten barely any pass rush from the other outside linebackers on their roster. So you'd like to see them get a little bit more pressure than what they've been getting. Using the grading system provided by Pro Football Focus, Perry and Neal rank near the bottom among outside linebackers playing in a defense in the entire NFL, respectively ranking 37th and 39th out of 41 players who have participated in at least 25 percent of their team's defensive snaps. Perry's and Neal's pass rush have been especially woeful, but granted, in the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers, their defensive responsibilities included containing quarterback Colin Kaepernick more than generating pressure.

And to be fair, the ability to stuff the run from both Perry and Neal has been adequate to above average. But you would certainly like to see a little bit more pressure out of them. Indeed, one of only two outside linebackers that rank below Mike Neal in the Pro Football Focus position ratings is the Indianapolis Colts' Erik Walden, whom the Packers allowed to walk away in free agency this offseason.

Whether the subpar performance of Perry and Neal means the Packers will eventually turn to rookies Andy Mulumba and Nate Palmer is yet to be determined. Mulumba has gotten a cup of coffee on defense, playing in a total of 13 snaps and accounting for only two official tackles.

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Palmer, meanwhile, has only been active for one game and in his lone appearance saw action only on special teams. That might be a better gauge of how they might be doing in the next game rather than how they've done in the past. Jason Fox is currently listed as the Lions right tackle on their unofficial depth chart with previous starter Corey Hilliard getting off to a rough start to the season. The TKstinator not verified. KennyPayne not verified. Well Perry was only a 1st round pick and Neal a 2nd rounder so why should we expect them to be hitting the QB in their 2nd and 4th years respectively. Al not verified. Why does it seem like the packers struggle drafting and developing certain position groups? Outside of Raji and Matthews who were both 1st round picks in the same draft, none of the other DL or OLB picks to date have been that good. Am I missing anyone? I know that we have had injuries and some guys appear to be good sometimes. But I'm really talking about the kind of players that are commonly performing at a high level and they don't seem to be on our defense outside of Matthews.

I guess I need to lower my standard a bit though. You can't have a whole team full of Rodgers and Matthews after all. By the way speaking of Raji, where is that dude? Is he just basically a run stuffer and pile pusher now? Didn't he have like 6 sacks guessing his rookie year and probably that same amount since then?

I'm not a expert or anything but I am curious because talent wise I suspect Perry and Neal have the tools, so I am wondering where the disconnect is Mojo not verified. A lot of good observations Al. I too wonder if our bigs in the middle are supposedly sacrificing and taking up blockers all the time, and Clay is at times getting doubled, then why aren't our other OLB's creating havoc?

And as you said, Perry and Neal are considered athletes. So what is going on? And don't tell me they're supposed to just be setting an edge.

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Other teams have OLB's who set the edge, but still get production as pass-rushers. Maybe they just don't have the instincts or technique.

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Stroh not verified. Not counting '12 draft cuz its just too early to tell. Pittsburgh almost always has good 34 OLB, but they used to give them 3 years to learn and develop before they became starters.