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Fractured Not Broken is a love story so unbelievable that it only happens in nonfiction. First — I read books on memoirs and studied the publishing industry. After Mr.

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I found them on FB and blog sites. Read blogs on writing and interview successful authors. Ask questions. I learned how to market these books and turn them into best-sellers and award-winning. Natalie taught me how to ask Kelly the most bizarre questions that would build the foundation of her story. I had no idea where that question would lead, but it led to a rivetting scene in her book that shows a part of her story, but eductaes readers too.

Can you picture the scene on a hot summer day: Kelly sitting in the back seat of a car in a parade, her head bobbing from the sun beating down on her? Then watch as young girls giggle as they help cool her off with plastic-covered flavored ice pops. Start with a BOOM! Or a hook. Many writers who tackle their memoir want to start at the beginning of their lives, or they construct a story that takes the reader to one place, then to another, with no goal in mind.

If your intent is to have readers read your book, you need to start your book with a hook, in the action, just before the inciting incident happens, when everything changes. Also, your character needs to have a character goal and a transforming journey. Know what this is before you begin.

Why should your readers go along on a journey with you? Do you hook them in the beginning to make them care about you and your plight? If not, think deeper about how you can tell your story so readers will want to stay in your story and root for you until the end. She based this on K. In this example, Vie checks to see if the story parts fall in the proper places. Novelist, Susie May Warren, teaches that every best-selling novel has four essential elements that can lead to its success.

Everyone makes selfish choices, but if you show your character making a selfless decision, your readers will root for him. Can you show your better side? Look at your dreams and desires. What did you want more than anything? In The Hunger Games, Katniss gives up her freedom to save her sister, and we instantly love her.

Five Tips on How to Make Your Stories Stand Out - Even if You Write Non Fiction

Help the readers like you by showing you sacrifice something important to you. Share your dreams, then take them away. Readers were happy to see justice. They love it when all the loose ends are tied up neatly in a bow, too. Give them a reason to clap when justice is served. However, in memoirs, the truth might mean that justice was never served, which motivates the reader to care deeply about the victim or you.

But maybe justice is in your forgiveness. You must have a character arc. Your character journey is an inside job. What obstacles get in the way of you reaching your goal? Is it the environment or something inside you that gets in the way of you finding success?

How to Write an Elevator Pitch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Show two steps forward toward reaching that goal and then two steps back again. Are you your own worst enemy? Do you sabotage your success? Show that. With each new struggle, show how you respond. Toward the climax of your story, you should be learning how to move past the obstacles with new strength, courage and tenacity. Do something that surprises your reader.

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She would surely drown. She must rely on others to pull her out.

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There was no way she could do this in the beginning of her story. Who are you trying to influence and why? Once the memoir is written, you will need to find ways to turn this into a nonfiction how-to book that will serve others that share your pain. Your book could lead to a career in coaching, speaking, paid mastermind groups, Bible studies, or maybe a paid program that speakers will pay you to use.

Michelle calls herself the Uncover Agent. She helps people uncover their message in their books and life, so they can leave a legacy. Get free writing tips from Michelle right here on her website. Thanks for sharing this article, Nick. I hope that it helps writers uncover their story so they gain millions of readers! Story is the most important tool in a writers box. I have a free book called Story…and how to write one.

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  • For any author who may find themselves in a corner or wants to know how to create a story that connects with the reader. Freely available on Amazon, simply search my author name. Adam J Pestridge. Thanks for sharing your free book and for stopping by to offer a comment. Have you read The Story Brand? Keep writing! Hi Pam — Pickleball is a blast. I try to play almost every day. Yo, you think the Millionaire Fastlane is a good book?

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