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Dogs will often yawn during obedience class if they are stressed. Want to see a lot of yawning dogs? Check out obedience classes. There, canine participants aren't yawning because they're bored; they're yawning because of stress, says Stanley Coren, Ph. Coren says dogs can get frustrated when new dog owners use harsh, threatening language when training their dogs to sit and stay.

In addition to relaxing your tone, you should take frequent breaks and make training fun, experts advise.

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What does it mean when your dog yawns after you yawn? It could be because he empathizes with you , says a recent study.

The 5 Real Reasons For Your Dog’s Yawn

The study, by researchers at Portugal's University of Porto, found that dogs yawned even when they just heard the sound of yawning. My pup is rarely quiet when he yawns.

Cats and dogs sneezing and yawning – Cute and funny animal compilation

There's almost always a little excited howly-squeak sound when he does it. Although I found quite a few message boards where people weighed in that their dogs also were noisy yawners, I could find no scientific explanation for quiet versus audible yawns. Coren, however, does break down how to interpret your dog's noises and mentions the "howl yawn" which he describes as a breathy "Hooooooo-ah-hooooo.

Let's do it! This is great! Dog yawning is not normally a health concern, but if it occurs unusually frequently, it is wise to consult your vet. Chances are, your yawning-pup is perfectly fine, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. For example, dogs that yawn a lot before bed or after getting up from a nap are probably just tired.

While we may not understand why yawning and fatigue are related, it appears to be a harmless and natural association. But if your dog yawns in other circumstances, such as during social interactions , you may want to discuss the issue with your vet or an animal behaviorist.

Similarly, if your dog yawns during obedience training, she may not be enjoying the activity. She may be stressed by the training and reacting by yawning. One of the coolest things about yawning is its potential to spread throughout a group of people. One person starts the chain, and before long, everyone else has responded with their own yawn. This appears to be the case in many animals too!

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Specifically, dogs appear to yawn in response to their owners. As is the case when they are yawning at each other, dogs that yawn in the presence of their humans may be trying to deescalate tension.

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Does your dog yawn much? Does she yawn in response to you? Do you yawn in response to her? Let us know all about your experiences with this strange biological phenomenon in the comments below! Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional.

Why Do Dogs Yawn? The Answer May Surprise You

I have read that Yawning in humans tends to cool the brain, and this will enhance sleep. My dogs, at least, never seem to have the deep breathing that is generally associated with human yawns. Thanks for sharing, Jenny. By signing up you agree to our terms. What Is a Yawn Exactly? Various authorities define yawns in subtlety different ways, but most definitions include the following components : An opening of the jaw joint and mouth The rapid inhalation of air The expansion of the lungs and raising of the chest Humans also tighten a muscle in the ear — called the tensor tympani — when yawning, which tightens the ear drum and causes a rumbling sound to be heard internally by the yawner.

Why Do We Humans Yawn? However, some of the leading explanations proposed to explain why we yawn include: Yawns help provide a sudden influx of oxygen, which may help wake a weary brain. In addition to cats, dogs and other familiar animals, penguins, Guinea pigs and snakes yawn too! Dogs appear to yawn for a number of different reasons, including communication. Is a Dog Yawning Indicative of a Problem? Are Dog Yawns Contagious?


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